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Videos of Top Public Speakers in US History

11 Nov

Early American Speeches:
1) Susan B Anthony (link)
2) Clarence Darrow (link)
3) Patrick Henry (link to YouTube)
4) Ben Franklin (link)
5) Ralph Waldo Emerson (link)
6) Abraham Lincoln (link)
7) William Wilberforce (link to abolition speech) ???
8) William Jennings Bryan (link)
9) Fredrick Douglas (link)
10) (Famous) Abolistionist Speeches

Modern American & World Speeches
1) Theodore Roosevelt
2) Fredrick Delano Roosevelt
3) Douglas McArthur (link to Douglas McArthur speech on YouTube)
4) MLK Jr. (link to the speech from the National Mall in Washington DC on YouTube)
5) JFK (link to JFK speech on YouTube)
6) Barbara Jordan (link to the speech at the Democratic National Convention in 1976 on YouTube)
7) Nelson Mandela (link to Nelson Mandela speech on YouTube)
8) Bill Gates (link to Bill Gates speech on YouTube)
9) Steve Jobs (link to Graduation Speech at Stanford)
10) Rudy Gulianni (link to Rudy Gulianni speech on YouTube)
11) Colin Powell (link to Colin Powell speech on YouTube)
12) Ann Richards (link to speech from the Democratic National Convention on YouTube)
13) Ronald Reagan (Tear Down this Wall speech link, Challenger Disaster speech link)
14) Vaclav Havel (link to Vaclav Havel speech)
15) John McCain (link to John McCain Speech on YouTube)
16) George Bush (not in the book, at least at the end, but heres the link on YouTube)
17) Barack Obama (link to speech from the 2004 Democratic National Convention)
18) Clinton (link to Clinton Speech on YouTube)
19) Margaret Thatcher (link to Margaret Thatcher speech on YouTube)
20) Woodrow Wilson (link to speech on YouTube)

Winston Churchhill (link)
Charles DeGaule (link)
Robert F Kennedy (link)
George Clooney (hmmm…..) (link)
Indira Ghandi (link)

Honorable Mention:
• Randy Paush (Link to speech from YouTube)
• Jack Welch (link to Jack Welch speech on YouTube)
• Bill Cosby (link to Bill Cosby speech on YouTube)
• Walter Cronkite (link to Walter Cronkite speech on YouTube)
• Oprah Winfrey (link to Oprah Winfrey speech on YouTube)
• Mohamed Yunus (link to Mohammed Yunus speech on YouTube)
• Various College Speeches (link to university graduation speech on YouTube)

• I borrowed heavily from The 100 with 10 Extra Speeches: Insights and Lessons from 110 of the Greatest Speakers and Speeches Ever Delivered (link)

• This list is not a ranking per-se (I have the numbers for counting)