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Resources for Storytelling & Storywriting for Presenting

21 Nov

Springboard Story (link)

Hero’s Journey (link)

7 Types of Brand Stories (link)

TED Talks on Story (Andrew Stanton, JJ Abrams, Simon S) (link to Andrew Stanton’s presentation)

Archetypal Plots/Types of Stories (here and here and here and here)

Mega list of archetypes (here as well as a short list of 25 here)

Theory of narrative identity (link to abstract)

See also TED Talks on emotion & which help with emotional intelligence.


The Secrets to Memorable Moments

21 Nov

1) reframe, metaphor, distintion
2) detail, concreteness
3) story, conflict/challenge (hero’s journey diagram here)
4) alliteration/parallelism *****
5) slogans *****
6) repetition and amplification
7) self-reflection (aka questions)
8) innovation/art
9) Visual that clarifies, connects, or resonates
10) Positioning. Make a list of contrasts ? (contrasts/thematic contrasts)
11) Emotional triggers
12) Relevance & resonance (through understanding & empathy & common ground).

To be clear, none of these intrinsically make a memorable presentation–but rather than create the building blocks for memorable speeches.

This link and this link may also be helpful.

Secrets of Success in 8 Words, 3 Minutes

7 Feb

You can read about Richard St. John at the TED Talks website.

What do you think?  Is he right?  How can this insight be leveraged for good or communicated to larger audiences?