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Resources for Storytelling & Storywriting for Presenting

21 Nov

Springboard Story (link)

Hero’s Journey (link)

7 Types of Brand Stories (link)

TED Talks on Story (Andrew Stanton, JJ Abrams, Simon S) (link to Andrew Stanton’s presentation)

Archetypal Plots/Types of Stories (here and here and here and here)

Mega list of archetypes (here as well as a short list of 25 here)

Theory of narrative identity (link to abstract)

See also TED Talks on emotion & which help with emotional intelligence.


The Secrets to Memorable Moments

21 Nov

1) reframe, metaphor, distintion
2) detail, concreteness
3) story, conflict/challenge (hero’s journey diagram here)
4) alliteration/parallelism *****
5) slogans *****
6) repetition and amplification
7) self-reflection (aka questions)
8) innovation/art
9) Visual that clarifies, connects, or resonates
10) Positioning. Make a list of contrasts ? (contrasts/thematic contrasts)
11) Emotional triggers
12) Relevance & resonance (through understanding & empathy & common ground).

To be clear, none of these intrinsically make a memorable presentation–but rather than create the building blocks for memorable speeches.

This link and this link may also be helpful.