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Nancy Duarte on Persuasive Public Speaking at TED x East

4 Nov


6 Ways to Speak Like a Leader–Simon Lancaster

27 May

The Six Rhetorical Devices Lancaster examines in his TED talk at Verona are the following:

  1. Breathless x3
  2. Repetition x3
  3. Balance x3
  4. Metaphor
  5. Exaggeration
  6. Rhyme

In Public Speaking, First Break All the Rules of Writing

24 Jan

1) “Don’t give your opinion.” Write from the gut.

2) writing is about personality.

3) write like you talk.

4) Give up on formality….write from the heart. (especially for earlier drafts).

5) Write to be felt and understood.

6) Be honest, but use a degree of hyperbole for emphasis. (Artistic license)

7) Tell stories. Paint pictures. Give details.

* Thats the name of a book (First Break All the Rules), but also a colloqialism so I feel justified in using it.

Concise Storytelling for Leaders Workshop at the Stanford GSB

17 Nov

This is kinda long at almost 1:39

This is from the GSB Mastery of Communications Mastery Program (link)
Here is there resource page (link)

Skip the intros (i think thats about 15 minutes). And actually he doesn’t get started till about 27 minutes in with his 7 Key Tips. I highly recommend skipping to that. (link)

Here are some of the key tips from the talk:
1) TED Talks under 6 minutes (kind of a secret of sorts). This is the main TED website (link).

2) TED Talk by Firefighter with Class discussion/feedback and what he did well. (link)

3) Parallel talks help you to simplify your message

4) Stage presents suggestions list (???). “Start the story in the middle.” “How do I parachute in?”

5) Select your first words (and final words carefully).
Example: “I believe you can attain mastery of persuasion in 2 years here at the GSB, if you really set your mind to it.”

6) “Eye Contact is GOLD in storytelling”

7) Remember the magic brain trap (???)

8) Use Silence

9) AIM (mentions his mentor as communications/presentation author whose books he uses)

10) Share a little bit….and ask for more….Share a little bit….and ask to share more. (ie a conversation with you)

11) Two possible branches for presentations

12) “No such thing as an informative speech in business–its ALL persuasive”–N.D.

(49 minutes)

Overall here are the 7 Habits of Very Concise Storytelling:

1 parachute in
2 select first words carefully ( & last words)
3 goldilocks Principle
4 eyes: One person, One Idea, One Section at a Time
5 magic grain truck: Words that weigh more (poetry)
6 silence
7 A.I.M. (audience,intent,message)

• Here is a summary from Stanford GSB of this 7 Habits of Highly Effective Concise Storytellers (link)
• You might also check out this Scoop It on Storytelling and Narrative (link)
• Here are 7 other story tips using the 7 habits model (link)

Top 10 Movie Speeches by Genre

25 Sep

• Top 10 Movies Battle Speeches (link)

• Top 10 Business Movie Speeches (link)

• Top 10 Sports Movie Speeches (link)

• Top 10 School Speeches in Movies (link)

• Bonus: Top 10 Greatest Speeches from TV Shows (link)

* I haven’t checked out every one of these. I apologize.

Aristotle, Hollywood, and Storytelling

31 Aug

Best Movie Speeches Ever

18 Jul

I’ve included some of the Greatest Movie Speeches Ever for speech analysis and critique:

1) Al Pacino in City Hall

2) Al Pacino is Scent of a Woman

3) Patton Speech:

4) Remember the Titans–Gettysburg Speech (the speech starts 1/2 way in at about 1:30 or 1:40)

5) Great Dictator

Three Myths of Behavior Change–What You Think You Know, But Don’t–Jeni Cross TED Talk

24 Jan

You can see more of Jeni Cross’s work here.

Research: The Business Value of Visualization

20 Mar

Love Wins Graduation Speech

9 Feb

Very entertaining. Very inspiring.