Copywriting & Persuasion Methods

30 Jul

1. Pacing (conversation going on in their head)
2. Leading (call to action-esque)
3. If-then
4. Mind reading (forms of pacing–honestly not sure how its different)
5. Nominalization (vagueness….”this”)
6. Embedded questions (I wonder if…) (its interesting to think about…)
7. Pre-supposition (agreement/assumption/taken for granted/wisdom)–unpacking certain things about the world. Acknowledge others experience.

Non-verbals & inflection
Spacing them out = voice (?)
Inflection at the end vs. command (?)

• I get you. I understand you.
• Pacing & leading work great.
• Opening loops…(curiosity & questions)
• We have our own experiences. Our own lives.
• Versus Generalization
• Pacing & leading. Understanding = key
• Conflict–learning experience–resolution


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