Innovation Presentation

2 Jun

Tina Seelig, who is part of the Stanford GSB faculty, in her recent book What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20 writes: “During my creativity course, teams of students each pick an organization they think is innovative. These teams visit the firm, interview employees, watch them in action, and come to their own conclusions about what makes the organization creative. They then present this information to the class in an innovative way.”

Hopefully there is a critical mass of innovative and creative companies in your part of the country. I guess if you didn’t feel that to be the case, perhaps they could do interviews by Skype or other free video conferencing.

This presentation project can be divided into:

1) pre-research/brainstorming & filtering process
2) interview questions
3) optional: edited interviews (video)
4) presentation:
-visual presentation/presentation design
-outline/handouts/visual aids (optional)
-learning activities (optional)

Of course you can use whatever project based learning grading rubric you are experienced with.


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