One Teacher Challenge

24 Apr

One challenge for this class involves teaching to both Mac and PC users. If your campus doesn’t have lots of Macs or a Mac lab this may prove difficult.

I think its important students know how to use iWork with both its Keynote and Pages software programs. These are in many respects industry standards and so students learning them can be helpful. Although, ultimately that is a judgment call each teacher has to make.

Scenario 1: No Mac Lab Time:
• Attempting to do something outside class times
• Creating an assignment based on learning the software
• Make software demos like Lynda freely available via DVD or online.

Scenario 2: A Tiny Minority of Current Mac Users
I don’t think this is really a challenge. I think explaining to the students why there is value in learning the software may be a slight challenge.


One Response to “One Teacher Challenge”

  1. jks September 20, 2010 at 7:49 pm #

    consider having them read a manual that offers both PC and MAC directions for PowerPoint design.
    PowerPoint Reality (author J. K. Sawyer). you can get this on Amazon. it’s a quick read and useful in both platforms with clear visuals.

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