Mini-skill sets for the presentation designer

12 Apr

1) Brainstorming
2) Researching (including finding content, quotes, and visuals)
3) Storyboarding
4) Visual communication principles (identify pictures for presentation)
5) Typography for communication
6) Integrating typography with design
7) Using color for communication (meaning & messaging, color matching, clarity)
8] Simplicity (words and white space and elimination)
9) Size/Emphasis
10) Picking Transitions
11) Developing themes (and creating title and chapter slides for presentations–including layout)
12) Visual communication of data
13) Making a story/making a case
14) Motion
15) Communications design and information design (symbols)
16) Technology of presenting
17) Technology of design/presentation creation
18) Learning (skill development and inspiration)
19) Giving and receiving feedback (portfolio style)

(could also look at the Presentation Ecosystem by Duarte)


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