Audience Analysis Questionaire

3 Apr

I think Duartes seven questions for audience analysis are pretty brilliant. Here are “Seven Questions to Knowing Your Audience” which are located on page 15 of Slideology:

1) What are they like?
2) Why are they here?
3) What keeps them up at night?
4) How can you solve their problem?
5) What do you want them to do?
6) How might they resist?
7) How can you best reach them?

Activity: Apply these audience analysis questions for an upcoming presentation (Optional: you could also choose a presentation you’ve seen or created in the past if an upcoming presentation doesn’t come to mind). Brainstorm answers to each question. Focus your brainstorms into edited answers. (you could use any number of creative methods including visual thinking to free writing)

Class Discussion: Which questions are most important? Most valuable? Which are hardest to answer? Any other observations about this method?

Hopefully I can develop this into a form for easier use later. (As always, I’ve included these questions under fair use and educational use.)


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