Skip Prichard on the Future of Publishing

1 Apr

Skip Prichard of the Ingram Content Group on the Future of Publishing: “Are Ebooks Dead?”

Watch the first 10 minutes of this presentation and reflect on the questions below.

Overall thoughts? What format did Skip Prichard use? What are your thoughts on the presentation design? How about the presentation themeing?

You might also check out Nick Bilton of the NYT on Smart Content at the Pop Tech Conference. How was his design different? Did it work (typography, design, and other elements)? What did you like/not like? How would you change it? What design theme did he draw on?


One Response to “Skip Prichard on the Future of Publishing”

  1. Skip Prichard February 5, 2012 at 8:15 pm #

    As a lifelong student of presentations and speeches, I’m honored you would include me in your syllabus. I love videotaping my own stuff because there is no better way to see what you like and what you need to improve on. I have a blog and have a few posts (like Audience: Know Thy Speaker!) that may be of interest. Also interviews with thought leaders and best selling authors. Thanks again.

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