TED Talks Presentation Design Critiques by Career Choice

21 Mar

TED Talks Categorized by Career Path

Check out video appropriate to your career field or industry. Point to 3 to 7 things the speaker does well. Try to point out at least two areas of improvement. Share your answers with your small group and the class. (Note: if you have seen this video, you are free to pick another)

This list isn’t extensive–its just the tip of the iceberg….I thought it might help identify the “right” path forward.

Art and Design
Tim Kelly of IDEO at TED on Design Thinking:

Business and Marketing

Computer Programming

Counseling and Special Education

Creativity and Content

Criminal Justice

Education and Play

(you may also want to check out the presentations on social innovation in education)

Economics and Psychology


Human Resources and Psychology

(or check out this TED talk on Flow, Motivation, and Creativity or this one on Passion or this one by Tony Robbins on Motivation)

Green Technology and Design


(also Four Ways to Fix a Broken Legal System)

International Development

Information Technology
TED Talk on Game Design

Journalism or Publishing
Can Design Save the Newspapers

(or check out Goodbye textbooks)


(also Four Ways to Fix a Broken Legal System)

Manufacturing, Agriculture, and TV/Entertainment
Mike Rowe on Dirty Jobs

Math, Statistics, and Data Management

Movies, Video, and Cinema

Nonprofit Management
You are the future of philanthropy

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution (I’m a huge fan of this presentation)

(Dean Ornish’s ted talk is far abreviated on what we eat)

Philosophy and Psychology
Dan Ariely on Why We think its ok to cheat


Public Health

Science and Engineering
Michael Pritchard on Lifesaver bottle for clean water, disasters, and decentralization.

Social Entrepreneurship


Hopefully you can develop a little wiser from watching a TED Talk. If I’ve left a particular career off the list, feel free to suggest a career or a TED talk in the comments section. Thanks.


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