Presentation Design Tools

19 Mar

Five key presentation development and design tools
1) Powerpoint
2) Keynote (Mac only)
3) Prezi
4) Sliderocket
5) Google Docs

Optional Graphic Design Tools:
1) Powerpoint or Elements
2) Pages (Mac only)
3) Piknic, Sumo Paint, and other online

Also social bookmarking, social networking, and search tools like….
1) Delicious
2) Twitter search
3) Linked in
4) Ning

Optional activity:
1) 25 minutes exploring Prezi.
2) Discuss
3) Here is an example of a fantastic use of Prezi.
4) What do you think of this presentation design? Would you change anything? What other applications can you see for Prezi?


One Response to “Presentation Design Tools”

  1. Nathan Ketsdever April 22, 2010 at 5:13 pm #

    Here is another example of the use of Prezi

    (I think you get the idea after the first 3 or so minutes)

    Is this Prezi effective or distracting? Are there more effective ways of making the same point? For instance, could powerpoint or keynote do the same thing?

    It might be interesting to compare that vs.:
    1) traditional motion graphics
    2) the motion graphics presentation based on the economic downturn

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