Reading, Thinking, and Learning for Fun and Profit

17 Mar

Here are a couple of interesting articles

1) 8 Essential Things They Don’t Teach You in School.

2) We Learn from Stories and Experience by Garr Reynolds (references a podcast by De Grasse that looks like its worth checking out)

3) Getting Things Done FAQ on Zen Habits (if this article isn’t helpful for you, check out other available GTD articles online)

4) TBD: Fundamentals of design thinking

5) TBD: Fundamentals of design

6) TBD: Business Book summaries

7) TBD: Yet another article on creativity

8] TBD: Yet another article on expertise

9) TBD: Yet another article on goal setting, accountability, and productivity

10) TBD: Constant Beta/Rapid Prototyping

11) Learning How to Learn by creating a personal learning network and professional certification. (See also informal learning and social learning)

12) Mindtools is an interesting problem solving and creativity resource.

Honorable Mention: Spiral Learning Diagram

More to come…..

Feel free to leave any relevant suggestions on classic articles about learning, life, careers, presentation, design, or communication.


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