The Pursuit of Expertise and Excellence

16 Mar

Part I. Nature vs. Nurture:

Is this discussion relevant? What suggests that one is more important than the other? Are their case studies or examples of either trend you can identify?

Part II. Deliberative Practice, Expertise, and Genius

Geoffry Colvin on What it Takes to Be Great

David Shenk on Where Does Persistence Come From?

Ericsson on “Expert performance–its structure and acquisition” Originally published in American Psychologist in August of 1994

Kathy Sierra on How to Become an Expert

Wise Bread on How to Become an Expert

Classroom Activity:
TBA beyond reading, analysis, and class discussion.

Could have students do a brainstorm about the first topic followed by a critical reading or freewrite on their pick of 3 of 5 of the suggested articles.


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