Public speaking group activities

22 Feb

This entire syllabus (aka about 60 to 70%) consists of public speaking group activities (which I believe currently total about 30). Most involve either:

1) Simulation which requires teamwork and creating a mini-presentation of 2 to 5 minutes to the group. (optional: if the classroom group are given similar project-assignments the teacher can serve as facilitator of the presentations, which can help provide some group take aways from the presentations)
2) Group discussions on cultural controversies or video presentations. (about half of these activities are based on the 18 minute video segments from the world famous TED Conference–which is a fantastic resource for well done professional presentations which address current issues and events. Note, you can also find these same Ted Talks videos on YouTube)
3) Allow for personal investigation, which allow students to pursue personal passions and interests in relation to a larger cultural, communication, or community/political theme.

Most activities are intended for 15 minutes or more (aka 60 minutes), however certainly can be adapted to your individual time constraints and learning objectives.

I think these three models are quite helpful in that they are largely consistent with Blooms taxonomy for learning and development.

If you want to search the blog for group activities for the public speaking classroom feel free to do so. Or you may like to check out these public speaking activities on the social bookmarking site Delicious. Enjoy and feel free to add comments.

In fact, the comments for this post are a fantastic place to suggest additional group classroom activities…


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