Pubic Speaking Extravaganza Schedule (Version 3)

14 Feb

Week 1 to 3: Speaking Skills (week 3 is Research week)
Week 4 to 6: Creativity, Problem Solving, Presentation Design and Design Thinking (may take an additional week with these skills)
Week 6 to 9: ???? one week on ethics and one week on alternative forms of research including expert interviews
Week 9 to 12: Project One (University, Local Politics, or Business)
Week 12 to 15: Project Two (University, Local Politics, or Business)

The course is designed so that approximately only 5% is memorization. Although flexibility is embedded so that it can be up to 10%.

Its based on recurrent 2 to 4 mini-exercises in class which culminate in practical projects in weeks 9 through 15. This turns tears down the walls of the classroom–and turns it into an exercise in real world experimentation and project based learning.

To see alternative activities and project, you can check out this Speech Communication Syllabus blog.

To see the skill sets the class is designed to create, please check out the 21st century survival skills.

For more on the classroom teaching philosophy which drives the mission and practice for this class.


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