Our Students Future: 21st Century Survival Skills

11 Feb

The Seven Survival Skills for the 21st Century Our School Curriculum Vitally Needs

According to research done by visiting Harvard professor Tony Wagner the survival skills of children need are the following:

1) Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
2) Collaboration Across Networks and Leading by Influence
3) Agility and Adaptability
4) Initiative and Entrepreneurialism
5) Effective Oral and Written Communication
6) Accessing and Analyzing Information
7) Curiosity and Imagination

Tony Wagner, co-directory of the Change Leadership Group (CLG) at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, “Global Achievement Gap: Why Even Our Best Schools Don’t Teach The New Survival Skills Our Children Need–and What We Can do About It.”

Unfortunately, We’re Failing Our Students:

“To summarize: There is no strong evidence that any of the Seven Survival Skills are being taught at any grade level in American public schools.”

What would Dan Pink say about the above? What do you think?

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2 Responses to “Our Students Future: 21st Century Survival Skills”

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    Im getting a little issue. I cant get my reader to pick-up your rss feed, Im using aol reader by the way.


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    […] To see the skill sets the class is designed to create, please check out the 21st century survival skills. […]

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