Presentations for Start ups and Entrepreneurs

10 Feb

Educational Videos on Pitching

1) Guy Kawasaki Video on presentations

2) David S. Rose at TED on 10 things to know before you pitch a VC

Or you may prefer David Rose’s presentation as designed by Garr Reynolds:

1) Apprentice style scenario to pitch to VC (pick an industry/pick a product)
2) Pick a product centered around a previous idea or based on Paul Graham’s what I would fund essay. (alternatively you can use Fred Wilsons ideas in his speech at Google–note this speech is about an hour long as I recall)
3) Slide decks should follow the simplicity in design principles from Garr Reynolds and the 10/20/30 presentation rule from Guy Kawasaki as much as reasonably possible.
4) The model for business plans is provided by the venture capital firm Sequia Capital. Alternatively students may choose to use the 1 page business model or the one page idea pitch model favored by Innocentive. (note: I’m sorry for conflating or simplifying business plan pitches, however its necessary in the interest of time)

See also these online resources on pitching:

1) E-corner at Stanford
2) Pitching Hacks (they have a great summary deck on Slideshare)
3) Tech Stars
4) David Cohen
5) A VC
6) SBA
7) Score
8] Chamber of Commerce
9) Other Guy Kawasaki resources like “Art of the Start”
10) Other resource on “successfully pitching vcs and/or angels”

Warning: this activity will likely take 1.5 classroom periods.


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