Creativity Autobiography Activity

10 Feb

I’m not the biggest fan of Twyla Tharp’s book–I’m not sure why. Given I’ve read so much in the area of creativity, I have a high standard for what I consider interesting and helpful. (So I would recommend 4 to 6 others before I would recommend it) One activity which I think can be helpful is the Creativity Autobiography on page 54 to 59 of her book (here is an example of a Creativity Autobiography).

Classroom Activity:

1) Fill out all or a portion of the creativity autobiography.
2) E-mail it to yourself.
3) If you can postdate your email, I suggest emailing it to yourself in 6 months and 12 months–as it could provide an interesting moment of self-reflection.
4) Pair share. What did you discover about yourself? What does that say about you?
5) Optional activity: check out some of these questions about creativity in the workplace and apply them in the academic context.
6) Optional activity: check out other questionaires and checklist on delicious.

Other Creativity Resources:

Tom Kelley of IDEO speaks at Stanford (2008)
Tom Kelley of IDEO speaks at Stanford
Tina Seelig of Stanford speaks at Stanford
Michael Gelb (author of How to Think Like Leonardo Divinci and others)


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