Alternative Pubic Speaking Extravaganza Schedule

10 Feb

I modeled this somewhat after the Ten Faces of Innovation by Kelley of the world renowned innovation and product design firm IDEO–as it focuses on one iconic or archetypal method of thinking or approaching life each day (or in some cases over a series of days). I think this keeps the class interesting throughout the semester and connects it to a relevant life skill, not just mindless memorization which students will forget 6 minutes after the final. Its only half finished, so bare with me. I think it conveys the multi-disciplinary nature of the class to students and other relevant stakeholders:

Day 1: Intro
Day 2: Personal Narrative Day
Day 3: Advanced Research for Everybody
Day 4/5: Presenting for Everybody
Day 6: Writing, Editing, and Outlining for Everybody
Day 7/Day 8: Design Thinking for Everybody
Day 9: Mastering Rationality and Logic for Everybody
Day 10: Democracy for Everybody
Day 11: Ethics for Everybody
Day 12/13: Problem Solving Skills for Everybody
Day 14/15: Teaching and Training Skills for Everybody
Midterm Project Day
Final Project Day

I will probably use some combination of classroom democracy, perhaps adding skills from Kelley’s book, and adding content and activities from the other classroom schedule. I also have underestimated the length of time needed to spend on each activity above, so I will need to make appropriate adjustments along the way. Your flexibility and understanding is greatly appreciated.


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