Advanced Research Using Google and Free Online Tools

10 Feb

I’m a research fanatic (and some might say ninja). I dig discovery. But all of this is academic–why is search and research so very important to life and business?

If you want to learn what Google can do for you to energize your research check out this post (the post isn’t a 10, but better than many resources).

You’ll also want to use vertical search engines and other specialized tools. Remember social networking tools like specific niche Ning nings, Twitter, Linked In Groups, Linked In Answers, and specialized Facebook groups and fan pages can be great search tools.

Tools like Filtrbox, delicious, and Hunch are also well worth checking out. Even tools like You Tube, Vimeo, and Flickr can be a helpful in your search journey.

Additionally, the free and low cost tools available for academic research can be incredibly helpful in the research process. Finally, your mobile phone is a search engine of sorts, particularly if its a smart phone, like a Palm, Droid, or the iPhone.

The NDCA has an interesting resource on doing online research by Maggie Berhiaume..

Check out explanations of crowd sourcing, data mining, and online research.

How does social networking change the nature of search? Any strategies on separating the wheat from the chaff–and alighning signal and noise?

Please use some of these tools, bookmark them, and leverage them to enhance your search capabilities.


One Response to “Advanced Research Using Google and Free Online Tools”

  1. compassioninpolitics February 10, 2010 at 3:11 am #

    These academic resources may prove helpful as well:

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