Viral Video Classroom Activity

9 Feb

This is a paired activity.

1) Pick a viral video.  (Viral in this case can be any video with more than 25,000 views)

2) Analize the effectiveness of the video–as a communications event. (You can create your own definition of effectiveness or borrow someone elses for the purposes of this exercise)

3) What about the video content made is spreadable?

4) What about the video context made it spreadable?

5) Class discussion.

6) Do #1 through #4 with a slideshare presentation (this time around #4 is not as important).

Optional: what are the different forces/variables/systems one would study to study virality.

Optional: the science of virality (the science of sharing)

Optional: what are viral ideas called?

Optional: what are viral loops?  viral coefficients?


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