How Presenters and Trainers Can Leverage Social Media: Creative Activities with Powerpoint

9 Feb

Creative, Innovative, and Alternative Ways to Present with Power point

What can you do with powerpoint besides making traditional presentations?  How can we use powerpoint in new and inventive ways?

  • How can you change how you create and store presentations?
  • How could you change the event of presenting?
  • What you do and how you interact after the presentation event?

Here are my brief ideas recorded in February 2010:

1) Traditional presentation

2) Slideshow (of a housing development, a trip to the zoo, or a trip to Brazil)

3) Help tell a story (tons of latitude for thematic development)

4) Presentation in Second Life (or another virtual space)

5) Presentation via Web Ex/Skype or another web platform (ideally recorded as well)

6) Create a book or manifesto

7) Create a choose your own adventure/game

8] Animation (including scrolling)

9) Make flashcards

10) Make a quiz

11) Turn it into a PDF and use it as a Job aid or guide book

12) Post it on Doc Stoc, Scribd, or other social document sites.

13) Save your slides on Flickr and/or Sliderocket

14) Posted on Slideshare and Change This

15) As the backdrop of a short youtube clip (funny, narrative, or instructional)

16) In conjunction with audio (music, sound effects, sound track) or video (for instance Slidecasting on Slideshare)

17) Collaborate over google docs or another online collaboration tool like Basecamp.

18] Use one of many online presentation software applications.

19) Add action, activities, collaboration, and teamwork.

20) Use the web based version of Powerpoint.

21) Crowdsourced content (best practices, challenges, questions) from Twitter and/or Linked In and/or authority blog.

22) Social networking afterward on Ning, Facebook, or Linked in

23) Live blogging: blog, twitter, Cover It live.

24) ???????????

At the end of the day develop a hook/theme.  Be engaging.  Tell  a story.

What else can we do with powerpoint?  What else are other people doing with presentations on Slideshare and elsewhere online?

Optional: do #18 and two of the above with your next presentation.  Please provide 1 to 5 sentence feed back on each option.  If you can’t pick one, I suggest Sliderocket.  (You can’t cheat by doing one that overlaps)

(Credit: Mashable and Nuancy Duartes ideas spurred on many of the above)


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