Fundamental Questions for Communicators and Presenters: Information Glut

8 Feb

Knowledge Management Skills: Core Communications Questions for the 21st Century

What is a Knowledge Worker?

Challenges of Standing Out:

  • How do you stand out?  What is the best way to stand out effectively?
  • How can we adapt our presentations and communication to a world of information overload?
  • Can we alleviate filter failure?  How can we create better signal and noise?

Challenges of Information Overload:

  • Is info overload a problem for the next generation of knowledge workers?
  • How can we ensure we don’t experience info overload?
  • Is an information diet an appropriate response for innovators, educators, and thought leaders?
  • How can presenters avoid email overload?
  • How can we leverage technology to help solve or at least combat information overload?

Challenges of Social Networking Overload:

  • Is social networking overload a potential problem?
  • How can we use social networking productively to avoid social networking overload?
  • Is there a way to create a balance?  What can be done individually and collectively?

What should future knowledge workers focus on?  How can knowledge workers be more successful?

What are potential similarities and differences between the issues of worker stress and info overload?

Optional class activity: small groups or pair shares around the issue of knowledge management.


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