Online Tools for Public Speakers and Presenters

7 Feb

There are several available tools that can help presenters, trainers, and public speakers.  I’ve outlined a couple websites below:

American Rhetoric to find and learn about famous speeches

TED Talks to see exemplary presentations

Slideshare to share your presentations and learn more about visual design using powerpoint.

Flickr to find creative commons photos.

Picnik to edit pictures and photos

Photoshop to edit photos.

Delicious to find and save your most important online resources.

Kuler for color theme creation and matching.

Prezi to make and deliver slide presentations.

Additional Learning Resources

Back of the Napkin-Blog about visual design.

Presentation Zen-Blog about presentation design.

Stanford E-Corner-Presentations about entrepreneurship hosted at Stanford university.

Alltop-Online magazine rack. (Design and Speaking)

(One paid resource thats helpful, however does offer a 30 day free trial is Sliderocket which you can use to create and manage your slides and presentations.)


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